Our story

About us

Kibelis is born from its co-founders Mattia and Omar, who gathered together their values and visions after taking different paths.

After having practiced their expertise in their own fields from Italy to Japan, and worked as volunteers in Thailand and Guatemala, they came back from the opposite sides of the world to Sardinia, in order to set up their project in their homeland.

Then came Kibelis. Its goal is to create a bridge between cultures: to bring Italy in the world, and to bring the world in Italy. How? Putting together the tradition and the overcoming of any geographical boundary.

Kibelis is born with the purpose of giving shape to Omar and Mattia’s ethical vision into a design project focused upon environmental sustainability, culture and human needs.

Kibelis people

Omar Delfo Mascia - co-founder& designer of Kibelis

Omar Delfo Mascia

After his graduation in Mechanical Engineering in Cagliari and a Master in Product Design at Politecnico di Milano, he worked as a designer for a famous Italian lighting brand located close to Milan.

Then he decided to come back to Sardinia to create his own activity: a new brand able to mix his overwhelming passion for design, the bond with his homeland and his sincere love for nature.

Mattia Pinna

He graduated in Management in Cagliari first, and then in Trade Marketing at Parma University. He has work experience in copywrite and SMM; he has lived in Japan where he studied at the Master/PhD SESAMI Program of Kobe University, and in Guatemala where he worked as volunteer.

His dream is to bring value to his homeland creating a bridge between international, different, cultures.