Really is a Danish emerging brand whose mission is to challenge the design and architecture related industries to rethink their creation and production processes.

Partially owned by the global textile leader Kvadrat, Really is a project built upon the idea that the existent resources always need to be respected and taken into account.

The result is the brand new Solid Textile Board, a sustainable high-density material with excellent physical skills, such as solidness, porosity, and an esthetically brilliant texture.

Focus on the material

Fashion industry and fabrics

Fancy Wastes

The fashion industry is worldwide responsible for almost 10% of the global resources consumption. Basically, more than any other industry.

In a society where new clothes are bought at an extremely rapid pace, it’s impressive to think that only 1% of all the old clothes is used to produce new ones; besides, although the 95% of textiles might be recycled, only the 25% actually is.

Really is born to show how the dignity of wastes is capable to transform into high quality sustainable materials: their look is worth to furnish every home with pure and contemporary elegance.

Kibelis EORA Cotton blue wall clock uses Kvadrat Really's Solid Textile Board

Cotton Blue

Really’s Solid Textile Board is created from upcycled end-of-life fabrics coming from either the fashion and the textile industries: mostly wool, cotton and jeans.

Due to the process it’s worked with and the type of resources it comes from, the result is a solid and ductile material for any kind of furnishings.

Fancy and pleasant to the touch, it plays with your senses, suspended beyond truth and trickery, boldness and imagination.

Its inner core is of pure white cotton, covered by outer layers that give it different colours. Moreover, its unique texture recalls the stone burnt by the sunlight’s warmth.

The Cotton Blue colour offers a magnificent and modern look to any contemporary home space, bringing to your living a deep ocean blue that reminds about Kibelis’ homeland, Sardinia.