NFC Smart Tags

NFC Smart Tags

Hidden somewhere inside a palette of beautiful sustainable materials, all the Kibelis products enshrine a tiny piece of smart technology.

We are clearly talking about the NFC Tags, a tool that allows us to give a voice and an identity to our design creations!

And despite the little size that makes it the smallest component of our products, its importance is vital and unproportional to its dimension.

Focus on the material

As the Little Prince said, “What is essential is invisible to the eye”

The NFC tags are an evolution of RFID transponders: they basically are small chips attached to a sticker. They are connected to a tiny antenna and you can glue and hide them almost anywhere.

Their best property is that they do not require any direct power supply, because they get activated from the magnetic field of the device interacting with them. When your smartphone taps a Tag, it automatically activates this one with its NFC sensor. In other words, it needs no charge and it can work for years and years with no mainteinance or any special requirement!

Born to talk

NFC Tags can vary in size and memory, but usually are quite small, with a maximum memory of 1 KB. It might seem a big limit, but actually is not because, due to their NDEF data format, it is in fact possible to easily program the Tag to perform many different kinds of actions. They also can be written multiple times and they are able to interact with websites and applications.

They also differ from QR codes because they can memorize a wider range of instructions, and because they have a Unique ID (UID) that makes them able to be always discernable from one to another.

And this is the reason why, when you are communicating with your Kibelis product, the informations you gather are referred to the specific piece of design you have in front of you: nothing but what you bought. Like an individual, unique and unmistakable.

NFC Tags are for Kibelis products what the voice is for the people. A tool to tell about themselves.