The selection of the best materials is for us the greatest challenge to face during the creation process.

We work day and night to discover new sustainable solutions: we want to overcome the ethical and esthetical obsolescence of the old, polluting, materials.

We tap into the living world to show the sensory excellence of the modern natural alternatives.

In our research process we always prefer those materials that present certain qualities


They are made by substances coming from vegetal, animal or microorganisms lifecycles. They give back a new existence to the ecosystem and its wastes, preserving its beauty, its feeling, its scent.

From recycling/wastes

They come from previous lives, from vegetal, animal or processing surpluses. Innovation and know-how allow us to limit the environmental costs of wastes in new and creative ways.

Recyclable, reusable

At the end of the product’s lifecycle, they are easily recyclable and reusable to start a new life: this way we can minimize the environmental impacts of the disposal.