Ice cream sticks

Ice cream sticks

Kids, adults, grandparents: everyone loves ice creams. But how many of us have ever paid any attention to their lifecycles?

Ice cream and popsicle sticks are a summer daily item 100% made by wood, fully natural and recyclable within the organic wastes; but the huge numbers of their consumption make it difficult an efficient reuse and disposal.

According to the data, worldwide every year over 2 billions of popsicles are consumed!

Then why not to think about new creative ways to use them as a material?

Kibelis Co-founder recycling ice cream sticks with the Kibelis Box

Kibelis Recycle Box

This is the reason why our Kibelis team has designed and produced some wooden boxes to collect and recycle the ice cream sticks. We placed them in some awesome, cozy, bars along the fascinating Sardinia beachside, directly where the people eat their ice creams during the summer.

And soon we are going to bring them back to a new life, making them pieces of high quality Made in Italy design.

The wood from Ice Cream Sticks can be easily recycled for design purposes

Wastes will be design!

On Internet you can find many creative ways to use the sticks to create art and handicrafts. We chose to use them as components for our Made in Italy design products.

Our mission is to dignify daily items whose lifecycle is usually short and with no perceived value. We want to transform them maximizing their qualities, and to show how we can watch them from a totally different perspective.

Kibelis recycles ice cream sticks to creat ecofriendly clock hands for the Smart Clock Eora

And then came EORA

The first way we are going to use the ice cream sticks, after being carefully sterilized, carved and painted, it is going to be transforming them into the clock hands of our exclusive talking clock EORA.