Since ancient times, mankind had to survive in complicated climatic conditions. An issue that forced people all around the world to discover new solutions and shelters for harsh cold and extreme heat.
One of the oldest and best tools used by men across the centuries has always been the wool. Best known as an effective defence against the cold, what just few are aware of is that wool is a great shield against the heat as well. Who perfectly knows that are the Tuareg, the nomad populations that inhabited for centuries the desertic lands in Northern Africa. Their wool clothes are traditionally worn under the fierce sunlight of the desert, protecting them by thermal shocks and extreme temperature ranges.
But what astonishes most is the fact that nowadays the wool is yet the best sustainable insulating material.

Focus on the material

Geowool is a sustainable ecofriendly material made from sheep wool

A treasure from waste

The wool is a natural coat that covers few kinds of mammals. The most known and common is the sheep, but also llama, alpacas and few others have a mantle made by a similar wool. The tissue is made by 97% of keratin animal proteins able to protect those animals from extreme thermal shocks of over 40-50 degrees.

Although its stunning usefulness, in the recent years the wool became a problem for sheep farmers because the sheep periodically need to be shorn. The process is not dangerous or painful for the animals, but the wool is a surplus tough and expensive to dispose of.

Fortunately this issue raised the attention of researchers and entrepreneurs, whose efforts managed to discover a huge number of ways to use proficiently this marvellous product.

Today, the sheep wool is an innovative and tremendously effective solution for green building, agriculture, soil saving, land art, depollution and much more.

And in Sardinia, home of a millennial civilization whose shepherds had breeded sheep for ages, the local company Edizero gave to the world the best wool based products for a sustainable, plastic free future. A number of international prizes testifies the excellence of their project.

Geowool green ecofriendly material

Geolana, sustainable wool for gardens

Geolana is a great example of wastes being transformed into resources.

It is a tissue made by sheep wool through a 100% sustainable process; it presents exceptional features, first of all the great insulating properties that make it one among the top solutions to protect the soil and cultivate the land.

Geolana has an excellent mulching action due to its fibers, and besides offers nutritive action and perfect biodegradability. Moreover, it reduces the water consumption; it defends the plants from pathogens; it absorbs and dispose gases, petrols chemicals, oils and hydrocarbons. It is even able to clean up polluted water and to produce biofuel.

Sometimes research and passion come up with discoveries that seem to be pure magic. And this time, the magic is called Geolana.