Garrulus | Cork


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Garrulus | Cork

The Chatty Coasters Set


Garrulus are a set of 4 smooth and warm coasters, made of ecofriendly cork. But Garrulus are also those unforgettable nights of yours, made of old friends, beers and wine.
Like in a real Roman feast.
And when you see your coaster starting to talk through your smartphone, no... It is not that wine's fault. 
It's just your Garrulus that really loves to talk with you about its story, its materials, and the issues of the Planet we live in.
Let it talk!


Made in Italy

Design: Omar Delfo Mascia

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 9.4 cm (3 7⁄10") x 9.4 cm (3 7⁄10") x 0.3 cm (1⁄10")