Cardboard is a pretty common material in our daily lives. The term is used for different kinds of heavy-duty papers products, whose main features are superior resistance, durability and thickness compared to the normal paper.

Its lightness makes it a very ductile material, but it can also be sturdy enough to sustain heavy weights when used for furnishings or other big items. There are in fact several kinds of cardboard, among which the most common one is the corrugated cardboard. Made by two flat layers of paper and a fluted corrugated one between them, it can be used for boxes as well as for artistic sculptures.

It’s better known for its most frequent utilization, which is boxes and packagings, and traditionally it has been always linked to cheap and unvaluable uses. Although today it still represents the best and greenest solution for boxes and packages (Kibelis packagings are made of cardboard too!), nowadays it’s starting to be used for “noble” products, including high quality design furnishings.

Still not convinced?

Check the work of Shigeru Ban, the brilliant japanese architect who built in New Zealand the Christchurch, a Cathedral made entirely by compressed cardboard!