Ash wood

Ash wood

The ash is an esteemed wood, which has been used in a ton of different ways over the millennia. Due to its high resistance, it has been used first as helve for rudimentary items; later on, for more advanced tools, benches, skis.
Its natural bending made it also suitable, in the past, for wagons and old car bodyworks.
In more recent times, its elegant texture and its tender white colour made it become the perfect material for furnishings and high esthetical level design products.

Focus on the material

Ash tree is a sustainable wood used for high quality design

Mountains and rivers

The Fraxinus is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the Oleaceae family, which embraces over 60 endemic species of the northern hemisphere. But it also can be found in some tropical countries.

It frequently grows among riparian woods, and its natural habitat is both the riverside in the valleys and the wooded humid lands at higher altitudes.

The ash tree can reach an age of over 200 years: it’s a plant that requires respect and care in the carving of its wood.

Naked Eora is a design wall clock made of sustainable certified ash wood

Sturdy Heart

The quality of the ash is not only esthetics, but also its mechanical properties.

It’s a wood with a white, pure, soul, but at the same time it’s among the heaviest and hardest: this makes it strong and realiable.

It lets you work it friendly, but with care.

Tenacious and elastic, it bends but never breaks.