Aluminium is one of the most common metals available in the planet and even more in our daily life.
Packages, cans, electronic tools: we are literally surrounded by it. Every time we drink a Coke, there it is.
But how many of us are aware of its excellent properties? And what about its recyclability?

Focus on the material

Aluminium is an ecofriendly material because it can recycled infinite times

A world made by aluminium

Worldwide widespread, since 1886 its production reached around 1 billion kg; in less than 20 years the production has doubled since before.

The aluminium is massively used in buildings and in trasportation, but also for electricals and machinery. Its ductility raised the interest of the industries and the demand is continously raising to face the challenges of a dynamic world.

More than 3 quarters of the total of the aluminium produced in the last century is still used, safe and sound.

Actually, aluminium is not touched by the time passing by.

Aluminium is an ecofriendly material because it can recycled infinite times


But what makes it so efficient?

These are its best properties:

- It is highly resistant to corrosion, due to its oxide coating;

- It is a great conductor, for both electricity, heat, and sound;

- Its weight is extremely light compared to other metals;

- It is ductile and easy to transform with low and high temperatures, obtaining any shape and design.

But above all, aluminium is an immortal material, 100% recyclable, with an infinite lifecycle that allows to save up to the 95% of the production costs.

If recycled in the proper way, the same aluminium will help your descendants exactly as it helped you. Hand it down.