9-14 April 2019

  • EORA

    A time painting

  • Kibelis App

    Let your home tell its stories

  • It's time to recycle!

    #EORA di riciclare!

We love the Earth


We design from scratch accordingly to the principles of the circular economy.

Our creations bloom from natural ingredients, wastes and surplus. And at the end of their lifecycle they have no intention to die at all.

They are easily disassemblable and customizable: their components can be reused in different ways.

Nothing dies, everything transforms.


Our material collection

Kibelis products have so much to tell

Kibelis App & Talk

Kibelis App is what makes our design creations TALK.

Due to the NFC tag hidden in the product, you just need to move your smartphone close to it and start to get acquainted with your brand new ecofriendly friend.

Here comes the magic!

Your Kibelis product will introduce himself and will be happy to answer your questions.

Would you like to read his story? Just ask him!

With the app you can also read curiosities related to the environment, and much more yet to be discovered!

The App is totally free and available for Android and iOS!

Otherwise, you can learn about the environmental issues of our beloved planet in our B(io)LOG or following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Kibelis' news

  • Kibelis at Fuorisalone - Milan Design Week 2019
    Posted on 01 April 2019
    Kibelis is proud to announce that will partecipate at Fuorisalone - Milan Design Week 2019 thanks to Semprelegno. The locations will be Brera, the pulsating heart of Milan Design Week, and Bovisa, a young and lively district.
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